Pre- and postnatal classes

Redefining Eve is home to the most experienced prenatal fitness trainers in the city. Join us for one of our Prenatal Fitness or Prenatal Reformer Pilates programs and enjoy the benefits of a fit and healthy pregnancy!

With a maximum of 8 participants, our pre natal exercise classes are the perfect way to learn which exercises are safe for pregnancy. Are you looking for more one-on-one attention? Ask us about working with a personal trainer during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness

Cardio, strength and stability – all at your own intensity! Our prenatal exercise classes will teach you which exercises are safe for you and your baby, while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of exercise during pregnancy: faster weight loss after birth, a healthier more comfortable pregnancy, and an easier delivery. Be healthy for you and your baby.

Prenatal Reformer Pilates

Strengthen your core and tone your body in a safe and effective way during pregnancy. Our Prenatal Reformer Pilates class will help you to maintain good posture, core strength and abdominal tone through all three trimesters. Reformer Pilates is a gentle way to improve your physique and alignment, while developing the additional core strength needed for an easier delivery and faster recovery.

Bring Out Your Babe Fitness

When it comes to getting back in shape after baby, we have what it takes! Our ‘Bring Out Your Babe’ fitness classes will help you get into enviable shape after baby. Cardio, muscular strength and endurance, toning and more! You and your little one will get more than you can imagine from these workouts. Program runs indoors or outdoors, weather permitting. And of course you can bring your little one along!

Postnatal Reformer Pilates

There's no doubt that all of our Reformer Programs will help you get back in shape after baby. Reformer Pilates at Redefining Eve will tone your abdominals, strengthen your core and develop long lean muscle tone. But, if you’d like to bring your little one along with you, this class is for you! Postnatal Reformer Pilates allows you to bring your baby along in a bucket seat or let them exercise alongside you in their exersaucer!

Please note: Exercise during and after pregnancy is safe for most women. However, we strongly recommend speaking to your physician to find out what is safe for you before starting an exercise program.