Group Exercise Policies

At Redefining Eve we work hard to maintain high quality Group Exercise programs. To ensure that we are successful in our vision, we have a few policies in place regarding the registration and cancellation of classes at our studio.

Participants must be registered in the class

Redefining Eve does not offer drop-in classes. Our classes operate on a pre-scheduled basis. You are encouraged to register at least a week prior to the start of the class to ensure your spot.

When you register in a class, you attend the same class, at the same time, once a week for 'the set' – the 10-week period that the class runs.

You, and you alone, may attend the class. Unfortunately, your friend, relative, or doppelgänger may not take your place.

You may make up 3 classes per set (with 24 hours notice).

You may make up 3 classes per set, as long as you provide our reception with 24 hours notice by phone or email. You may attend another class of equal value within the same set (a 'make-up class') after the first week of the set is complete.

Make-up classes are subject to availability (i.e. there must be a free spot in the make-up class you wish to attend). Make-up classes cannot be carried over to the next set. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an in-studio credit in the event that no suitable make-up classes are available.

Minimum registration

Redefining Eve requires a minimum registration of three participants to run a class. If there are fewer than three participants in a class you have registered for, your class may be cancelled. If this happens, you will receive an in-studio credit to apply towards another class in the same or future set.

If you wish to change your registration (i.e. switch from one class to another, or move to the same class at another time), please provide one week's notice before the start of the set.

Water is free, but water bottles are not

Redefining Eve does not supply our group exercise participants with complimentary water bottles. We recommend that you bring your own bottle, which you may refill as often as you wish from our water cooler.
Should you forget your bottle at home, we do have bottled water available for $2 / bottle.

We count on your commitment

Redefining Eve is well known for our fabulous Group Exercise programs, but we can't do it without you. All the scheduling and preparation for each set of classes requires commitment from our participants.

When you register for a class, we reserve a spot just for you. That spot becomes unavailable to others – think airplane ticket. For that reason, all of our services are non-refundable and non-transferable (just like the airlines).

Our policies are for the fun and fairness of all

Our policies help us maintain the quality and integrity of our programming at a fair cost to our participants.
While we understand that circumstances sometimes prevent our clients from being able to offer 24 hours notice cancellation, we cannot compensate you for classes cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice.

Contact us

Please contact us to inform us of your schedule changes.